As long back as in 1886 A. D. Jivkor Lallubhai Madhyamik Shala was running as the J. L. New English School inspired the Khadayata Vanik dedicated Bai Jivkor Lallubhai Shah Shri Lallubhai Mathurdas Shah devoted to the soft purpose education who also dedicated their whole life initiated inthe Kalupur Tankshal Area of Ahmedabad, the school was shifted to the Khamasa area of the walked city in that year now flourishing full fledged in the ever green area of Maninagar, Ahmedabad.


Shri Jayantilal L. Thakor was the secretary; perspiration for the development of the Instituted started J. L. Prathmik Shala and Madhyamik Shala. Due to the dense commercialization of the area, the existence of the institute seemed to be in danger and further the decision was taken to shift the institute once more to better locate keeping in view progressive prospects of the institute.

The progress aim was further moved ahead by the Managing Trustee Shri Manubhai Kanaiyalal Shah who affording tirelessly for the fulfillment of the bottom base inspiration of Jivkor Lallubhai, successfully administer the lease deed of the flouring maninagar campus land on 4/1/1984 and on the same day the land was worshipped by the pious hands of Bhagwat Ratna Param Pujya Krushnashakar Shastri Dadaji, the founder of Bhagwat Vidyapeth Sola. Along with construction of the school building and administrating the government procedures was a stigmatic taste which constructed the sweat strength of both Shri Manubhai K. Shah, the managing trustee and Shri Suryakant P. Shukla, then principal of the School.


The dream, in fact, has been actualized with the heart core efforts of the trustees and the donators samaj and others. More & more dimensions have been added to the institute reviving the once to be deed institute in to a well trodden pilgrimage place of education.Since 1984 A.D. Bai Jivkor Lallubhai Trust run schools have been more preferred institutes for the education of Maninagar area.

Governing Body of Bai Jivkor Lallubhai Trust:

President : Shri Jitendrabhai Shah
Vice President : Shri. Bimalbhai D. Parikh
Vice President : Shri. Atulbhai M. Shah
Secretary :   Shri. Narendrbhai . C. Shah, Shri. Hemantbhai. M. Shah


The better breed seeds sown in the past started fructifying in the all dimension developing area of Maninagar with the efforts not one but all. According to a Sanskrit saying there is no ‘eye’ but for ‘vidya’. Visionaries like Purshottam Ganesh Mavlankar (The first speaker of lok sabha), Shri. Muklaj Bapol of Swaminarayan Sect, Shri Chandrakantbhai Daroo (The knowned Advocate), Shri Amratlal Hargovinddas (The industry pioneer) Indu Chacha (The all favourite public leader) and Maharshee Rang Avdhoot (The saint) were all a part of the institute in those days with one of the other prideful way.The trust has been running a magnificently various fields of educations with heartly cooperation of the devoted trustees and principals and teachers and other staff along with the inflow of donations received from the khadayata vanik and other doners.