The Learning is a never ending and life-long process. However, the learnings allow to an individual to fulfil only their corporal requirements. While, The Education is an entirely different perception. The education gives shape to the subtle elements of life. It show the way toward the complacent. The education provide an inspiration to serve the family, the society, the country and to the universe through the learnings. Under the aegis of visionary guidance and support of Shree. Atulbhai Shah (USA), another chapter of Bai Jivkor Lallubhai Trust in the field of the science Education was started in year 2016. Shree. M.M.Shah Physiotherapy College is a one of the medium to provide conscientious, grittier, and technically sound pool of workforce to the society. Since its establishment in the 2016, Institute is growing consistently and contributing its best in the field of science education and research. Due to tremendous endeavor of an entirely dedicated team of the Institution, in futureShree. M.M.Shah Physiotherapy College is one of the leading education hub in the Gujarat. Being affiliated with the Sardar Patel University, Shree. M.M.Shah Physiotherapy College is achieving its visionary milestones in the education as well as research. I am very sure that the students will explore the exceptional opportunity to be with us and turn out to be a bright and sincere pharmacy professional. I also pray to the almighty for the same.

Jitubhai D. Shah
Bai Jivkor Lallubhai Trust